Some people suggest that doing your own lawn care is best, as it can be a good form of exercise and save you money. However, this task requires a lot of your time. Do you have the necessary time to keep up with your lawn? While you are thinking about it, your lawn has overgrown, and the garden has become uncontrollable. Greenscape USA Inc. is available for your needs, especially if you need a lawn service near me fast.  

Hiring the services of Greenscape USA Inc. means no more hassle for you and saves you precious time to do what you enjoy. We are a full-service landscaping grounds management company. We provide landscaping solutions for homeowners and businesses alike, including lawn service near me. We handle lawn mowing, pest control, fertilizing, weed removal, and more. We also deal with gardening tasks, so if you need help with your trees and plants, we are the best choice for you. 

When our professionals work on your lawn, you can be sure that you will get an aesthetically laid-out and manicured lawn.

Greenscape USA Inc. Does Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, it needs to include regular maintenance. Sometimes it’s an overhaul to keep your outdoor living space looking its best, including your lawn. We implement a variety of procedures to keep your lawn at its top condition. On top of the list is maintenance, which involves trimming your lawn to maintain rich, healthy green grass. 

Weeding is another service we do to ensure your lawn looks clean and pretty. Weeds are usually an indicator of underlying problems within the soil. Our landscape specialists are available to manage the work, as well as advise you on how to stop the weeds from returning. We also consider aerating and dethatching to help maintain the air in your soil and free your foliage from fungus.

After these two processes, topdressing is another practice of applying a mixture of soil and sand on the grass surface to fill the holes or to remove divots. While topdressing is an effective way to even out a poor lawn condition, there is no need to do it all the time. 

Lawn service near me includes fertilizing the lawn to help your grass get all the essential nutrients to grow. But, our experts will conduct a pH test first before applying any fertilizer. The test is important because even if you put fertilizer on your lawn, it would be useless if the pH level is outside of the ideal range

Greenscape and Soil Preparation

Soil preparation is another lawn service near me included on the list. Lawns typically want the soil to be free draining. So, we free up the soil in your lawn, or turn over the soil by using the right gardening tools (like a fork or rotary hoe). We also add compost or other organic matter to your soil to help it retain the nutrients. We may add some clay breaker or gypsum to aid drainage if the clay soil is unstable

Greenscape Cares for Your Trees

Trees provide shelter and shade for people and wildlife like birds, not to mention they add to the beauty of your landscape. Large trees can get too big; hence, we avoid adding big trees in a typical home garden. Many other smaller trees are suitable for residential areas. At Greenscape USA Inc., we deliver trees ideal for your property, and will plant them for you.

Common tree problems we help you deal with:

Greenscape NEO, Inc. was established in 2007 and has acquired an excellent reputation for extreme attention to detail and quality service over the years. We have become one of the premier landscaping companies in the United States. Our service area includes most communities and suburbs across Northeast Ohio.

We are fortunate that homeowners and businesses allow us to practice our trade by creating functional and beautiful outdoor environments, while enhancing lives and homes. We strive for perfection and excellence with the determination to go beyond what the client expects and surpass industry standards in our construction and design. Our core values include communication, quality, and integrity. 

We commit to creating first-class landscape constructions and designs; as a result, leaving countless satisfied clients. We are not afraid to break out of the mold, while at the same time staying true to our niche. Every customer and yard is unique; hence, every space we do is a unique original. 

We have a passion for creating beautiful and high-end outdoor living areas, an environment that is designed for sustainability and longevity. We want to make a positive impact on the community. Most importantly, we are keen on developing strong relationships with our clients.

Services include:



It is a vegetative formation of new roots and stems coming from an adventitious root or stem bud. It can happen by human action or through a natural process. It is an asexual reproduction that occurs due to the ability of plants to regenerate parts and tissues.


Large roots, particularly near or at the surface, can result in various problems, whether in a garden bed or the entire lawn. Certain trees produce extensive root systems such as Liquidambar, Ficus, Alder, Evergreen, and Casuarina. Many others can cause root problems, so we choose the right trees for your landscape, or help you deal with these problems.


The trees and the lawn itself naturally compete for nutrients, water, and light. It is a common occurrence to see thinning grass, usually at the base of trees. Our professional landscapers can pick grass that is shade tolerant for your lawn. Keep in mind that there are limits to how much shade can grass can tolerate. Deciding to plant deciduous trees can help prevent shade issues, especially during the colder months.

New lawns

When redesigning your lawn and landscape, we make sure to avoid adding soil over tree roots or removing those important roots.  The additional soil will likely change the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen around the roots, disrupting the delicate balance of these gases. It can cause problems, and potentially kill the tree.

When you work with Greenscape USA Inc., you get to experience our quality lawn service near me. We have four crews, all with proven capabilities. Our fruitful history and knowledge of landscaping and ground management are backed by over 10 years of experience in the industry.  

We will visit and assess what your lawn needs, along with the scope of work necessary. Our professional landscapers will create a tailored lawn service near me program for you, exceeding your expectations and meeting your long-term goals in mind. As soon as the work begins, you can rely on Greenscape USA Inc. experts to do all the hard work and give you the perfect lawn you deserve.

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